We look around…

who do you run to when the world beneath is gone//click me

I’ve been struggling with what exactly to do with this blog, you see I love writing and here I have this platform and I struggle to get myself in front of this screen and write. I don’t understand the struggle because I do enjoy writing and it’s been helpful for me in so many ways. Life has been something else lately, and when I say that I’m not sure how to even explain it..my life right now that is. I’m hanging on by a thread most days and the ones I’m not I am so very grateful for, yet they are far and few between. They don’t happen enough. When I say they don’t happen enough I mean, I struggle with some mental disorders and on days where darkness is all I can see, the last thing I find myself lately is writing about it. This is a problem because I desperately need writing. I’m not always fluid and sometimes my mind goes down strange rabbit holes and maybe I’m scared to write these things out and put them out there because it’s vulnerable. It’s taken me years to realize that while has certain been almost impossible for me to be vulnerability has also allowed so much growth on this journey. My life being the journey and whoever is reading this can maybe relate or maybe they can’t and that’s okay, because I’m going to be okay, and I think I might go in a few different directions with this blog and I hope it becomes something that flourishes even in the midst of the chaos that surround me.

If you’re struggling with anything remember you’re not alone, and you’re worth more than whatever messages torment your mind. Hang on. Maybe we can hang on together..



Author: lilyfox5

Whatever makes you feel the sun from the inside out, chase that.

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