Caretaker steps in.

somehow I ended up here, steps that I can’t retrace.

I wish we were telling a story of the caretaker is us stepping in to save the day, or at even just the moment. Unfortunately that is not the story here. Today I’ve avoided all the stressors in my life and catered to everyone in the house who needed rides places. We felt good about helping out, we really did. It’s just now we feel depleted and depressed yet still. Why can’t we find colors in the world anymore, it’s sad, and it’s painful in a way I couldn’t make sense of enough myself to try and describe. Everything is just so dark, a flashlight couldn’t even cut through the darkness that surrounds us these days. Where do you go when you can’t see in front of you or behind you? What do you look for if light is incapable of breaking through to help guide you, a beacon of some sort to shine long enough to guide you in any one direction only long enough for it to be complete darkness again. Leaving you lost and surround by darkness thicker than before.

Feeling defeated.


Author: lilyfox5

Whatever makes you feel the sun from the inside out, chase that.

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