Am I Broken?

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Anxiety cuts through us like the breaking of a branch on a windy day. We feel defeated, and try our best to look for the good in each and every day, yet we fall short; again and again we beat ourselves up because we don’t feel happy or good or even human. We feel lost and the more we search for whatever it is we are searching for we are growing ever so tired. We don’t find happiness as easy or easy at all; actually quite the opposite. we find it extremely challenging and almost forced. We can’t shake the feelings of doom that linger around every corner. Our smiles’ our armor protecting our continually breaking heart. Behind our laughter is a soul that feels continually crushed and worn down. We build these walls when we feel like no one can be trusted. Things feel unstable and anxiety and depression begin to run the show, it doesn’t matter what plans are made or where we are and what may be expected of us in those moments. Our world plagued by darkness, blocking color in anything and everything.

Not being able to experience anything outside ourselves is scary, in ways we couldn’t even being to describe. We just keep trying to breathe, and the link above to the song has been something, not colorful. But something…which is better than nothing, I guess. I don’t know anymore. I don’t know about so many things anymore. Life being the most prevalent struggle in our mind.

The struggle has never been more real.

J U S T. B R E A T H E.


Author: lilyfox5

Whatever makes you feel the sun from the inside out, chase that.

2 thoughts on “ Am I Broken?”

  1. It really doesn’t feel fair that this song could bring good vibes to the world and most people don’t know it.
    I think Kid Quill as an artist is underrated because this is one of the kinds of songs that we should hear everywhere we go and we don’t.

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