Throwing those expectations out the fucking window….


We found ourselves amidst followers of that big thick book other countries kill each other over. Haven’t been to church in almost 6 years. Not really anyway, not like I used to bed involved, back when I became so involved barely hanging onto life I clung to the church and I even became a youth leader. I felt good and then it faded and oppression is what I was told keeps me from the church. Anyway, there we sat at some random house in Boynton Beach, FL talking about the Bible, the last place I would expect myself to be; funny thing about expectations, they rarely are what we had planned in our minds. So tonight they went out the window as I sat in fellowship with strangers. we had no expectations but we could feel the oppression and man that was rough.

Really rough. Ready to rest.IMG_1952

Author: lilyfox5

Whatever makes you feel the sun from the inside out, chase that.

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