bad weather.

This is the post excerpt.

Sugar Creek
“I want to scream, kick, cry out, someone help me!”

My heart beats violently in my chest, like a wild animal that’s been caged. I can’t move, as I stare into the distance, not seeing anything, but thinking everything. My mind is a tornado, fierce and fearless. Wrecking everything in its path. It leaves nothing but brokenness and despair behind. I want to scream, kick, cry out, someone help me! My lips stay closed and soundless, and my legs motionless. I stare. Lost in a world deep inside myself, I stare.

Debris quickly piles up. The remains of many compartments in our mind. Imagine piles scattered all around containing fragments of information. All displaced and in the open, unconfined. Sounds, that make us cringe while scanning around us in panic. Images, lay strewn and torn, we stare. Memories play in each pile on tv’s, daunting images flash across the screen. We stand there alone tears streaming down our face. Keep breathing, we will figure this out. Try not to panic, our eyes peeled back as we take in the damages. Mouth agape, we stare. Unwanted sounds and new images rearing their ugly head. Reminding, repeating, and refreshing our brain.

Our legs buckle as we stand in shock, staring. After what seems like days standing amidst all the chaos. Our legs give out, we fall almost as if we were suddenly in slow motion, wondering what was happening and having no one around to ask. Smack, our head hits the ground as we curl into a ball holding our legs as close as possible to our chest.

We stare.

Author: lilyfox5

Whatever makes you feel the sun from the inside out, chase that.

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